"If it was not for the Veterans Center and a higher power, I would not be able to work the program." Thomas W.
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"Offering Hope in the Midst of Despair."
The Mechling-Shakley Veterans Center is located in rural Armstrong County, approximately 40 miles north of Pittsburgh, and eight miles northwest of Kittanning on State Route 268. The primary mission of the Mechling-Shakley Veterans Center is to provide a community-based residential treatment facility for homeless veterans needing rehabilitation and support.

Residents with substance abuse problems are required to attend scheduled Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous meetings held at the Mechling-Shakley Veterans Center and within the community.

Residents are required to register upon arrival and departure from the facility, as well as obey the facility's curfew. Furloughs are granted based on the length of the resident's stay and the individual's efforts within the recovery process.

Residents are strongly encouraged to assist in setting and achieving their personal goals. Although we periodically review the resident's progress, without the resident's total commitment the chance of personal success is dramatically reduced.

Mechling-Shakley Veterans Center residents are provided numerous supportive services:

  • Counseling
  • Job Training
  • Life Skills Enhancement
  • Educational Opportunities
  • Housing Assistance
  • Appointment Transportation
  • Job Readiness Preparation
  • Substance Abuse Recovery
  • Spiritual Growth
  • Regular Church & Chapel Services

  • Mechling-Shakley Veterans Center offers onsite recreation including an indoor basketball court, weightlifting/exercise equipment, pool table, foosball table and horseshoe pit. Our facilities include a dining hall with modern kitchen, dining room, recreation room with cable television, reading room with large library, day room and offices. A second building holds the gymnasium, 54 private bedrooms, modern restrooms, laundry facilities and a community / counseling room. The dining hall and dormitory are connected by a weather-resistant walkway. The 9-acre campus also offers five cottages, available to residents, a wood shop and a four-bedroom house. A well-lit parking area behind the dining hall provides a safe haven for residents' vehicles.

    Group activities are planned at least once a month and include trips to watch a Pirates baseball game, stock car race or high school football game and overnight trips to Gettysburg, Niagara Falls, and Washington, D.C. An annual camping trip to Ohiopyle State Park is always a favorite among the residents.

    At Mechling-Shakley Veterans Center, the opportunities for personal success are endless. Together, we are helping one veteran at a time.


    Phone numbers:
         (724) 545-9016
         (724) 543-6961 [Fax]

    General Inquiries E-mail: sean@268center.com

    Postal mail:
         ATTN: Sean A Taladay
         Mechling-Shakley Veterans Center
         1413 State Route 268
         Cowansville, PA 16218


    Sean A. Taladay, Executive Director
    George Adams, DAV Van Driver
    Leeland John Blair, Shift Supervisor
    Bernie Bundy, DAV Van Driver
    Ken Buzzard, Shift Supervisor
    Les Cochran, Shift Supervisor
    Brady Paul Cousins, DAV Van Driver
    Mary Craig, Kitchen Manager
    Shawn Denham, DAV Van Driver
    Ron Edwards, Cook
    Rich Fuchs, Shift Supervisor
    Marna Holzer, Secretary
    Shawna Jewell, R.N.
    Brian Johns, Counselor
    Josh Lipkin, Counselor
    Kit Lockhart, Shift Supervisor
    Monica Montebell, L.P.N.
    Rose Rush, Cook
    Ray Schafer, DAV Van Driver
    Don Wolfe, Maintenance


    The Mechling-Shakley Veterans Center's operations are overseen by a Board of Directors. In addition to the contact information below, all members of the Board may be contacted by sending postal mail to the Mechling-Shakley Veterans Center, ATTN: Board Member's Name.

    Harold French, President
    Scott Petras, Vice President
    Joseph N. Robinson, Secretary/Treasurer
    Ed Taladay
    Shelley Drummond
    Tom Elliott
    Robert McGowan
    Gary L. Bowser
    Roy Cigola


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    Bike Show Photos - May 15, 2010

    Welcome Bikers!

    Lots of bikes and part of the garden

    Red, White, and Blue

    Thank you W.K.G.B.C. Praise Team

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    2008 ABATE Pool Tournament Photo [newspaper image]
    Assorted Pictures of the Center
    HESP Special Project 2008 (Pavilion)
    Sharing & Caring Boat Trip
    2007 Washington, D.C. Trip
    Memorial Day
    2005 Benefits Dinner (held at Center)

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