The Mechling-Shakley Veterans Center coordinates with the VA Pittsburgh Healthcare System to address the specific physical and mental health needs of our residents. We work closely with the Health Care for Homeless Veterans (HCHV) team to ensure that each resident's needs are properly addressed. HCHV provides invaluable aid in the referral of appropriate individuals to our facility who are capable of addressing their own A.D.L.'s (Activities of Daily Living). In addition, the Health Care for Homeless Veterans team, through the VA's Grant & Per Diem program, offers low- and no-income veterans rent assistance.

If you are a veteran seeking placement at the Mechling-Shakley Veterans Center, please contact one of the HCHV team members (listed below) for more information. Further details on the Mechling-Shakley Veterans Center's transitional housing program for homeless veterans can be found on our main website at
Mary Frances Pilarski, RN, MSN
(412) 822-1272 [direct]
(412) 949-1222 [pager]
Joseph J. Savino, LCSW
Grant & Per Diem Liaison
Maria Marsico, LCSW
Social Worker
(412) 822-1273 [direct]

From the VA Pittsburgh Healthcare System website:
Health Care for Homeless Veterans Program (HCHV)
Provides outreach services to homeless veterans including assessment, information, referral and case management. The HCHV also coordinates a contract rehabilitation program for homeless veterans, case manages veterans placed in the supportive housing program, assists in locating low cost housing in the community; acts as liaison with Allegheny County homeless service providers.