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The following testimonials have been written by both former and current residents of the Mechling-Shakley Veterans Center. Each resident has graciously agreed to have their testimonial displayed on the website for others to read.

    "To Hopeton Thompson, Staff, and Residents of Mechling-Shakley,

    I wish to thank everyone at the center for the stay. Although short, it was a very positive experience in which I've grown to accept my own circumstances and move on. I wish all the residents the best of luck and with the hard work and effort it takes to succeed, I know you can get it done.

    Keep up the good work! Go Vets!"
Robert S. Shook

    "Mr. Thompson, Dave Bartlett


    This is just a short note to say thank you for all you have done for me since I been here and all the support you both have given me.

    If it was not for your both of your support and guidance I don't think I could have come as far as I have being here.

    Getting back on my feet has been a big matter to me and finishing school and these test that I am about to undertake is a big part of that program.

    So once again thank you for your help and support in all I have done and am going through in my life."
John A Prevoznak

    Don't Be a Victim, Be a Survivor
    "Hello, I'm a resident of the Mechling-Shakley Veterans Center. I've been through a lot the last 3 1/2 years. Now it is my time to help others, which helps us both. I have experience in being an alcoholic and an addict. I also suffer from mental disorders; all of them are hard and I'm working in recovery. I have experienced verbal, physical and sexual abuse. If it was not for the Veterans Center and a higher power, I would not be able to work the program. Since I am well experienced in the area of the above things, I would like to help others in these areas. Not only women have been survivors. Men have been survivors too."
(View Ross's Yahoo! 360 Blog: Click HERE!) Thomas "Ross" Weaver

    "Mechling-Shakley Veterans Center has helped me become a more responsible person in my life due to the fact that I was once a Community Leader; that helped greatly. It helped me deal with issues such as paying bills and dealing with individuals without being too stressed out. Now that Iím moving on to my own apartment, Iíll be able to handle issues in a much more efficient manner. I just want to thank Mechling-Shakley Veterans Center for the intangible things that it helped me with."
Darrin Beile

    "I was living in a shelter on the North Side. I didnít have any idea what I was going to do and the VA found a home for me: the Mechling-Shakley Veterans Center. Itís been a real Godsend. The VA found out I had Hepatitis C. This place made my treatment as comfortable as possible. I was able to make my appointments because of the transportation available by the Center. I made some good friends up here and the staff has always been wonderful. The foodís good. I thank God for finding this place for me to live."
Joseph Tabita

    "My name is Philip Antkiewicz, and I would like to thank the Mechling-Shakley Veterans Center, its staff and the Director, Hopeton Thompson; Mary Frances Pilarski, Maria Marsico and the staff at Highland Drive (Veterans Administration); and Sugarcreek Township for giving me an opportunity to get my life back together, which I have and am ready to move on and continue in a positive direction with my life. Thankfully, I had an opportunity to have a temporary home with dignity and hope during the time when I had great difficulty and hardship. I was able to work through this difficult time of my life with the help of all those who were mentioned above and I am now ready to move on, be a positive and productive member of society once again and be the best father I can be to my two daughters by being a positive influence and setting a good example.

    Finally, most of all Iíd like to thank God, by whose grace this was all possible."
Sincerely, Philip Antkiewicz

    ďI had nowhere to go. I was ready to check in to a motel. I called my VA case worker. He said that he knew somewhere better than a motel. I was taken to 268 Veteran Center that afternoon where I met many wonderful people who took care of me and motivated me to get an I.T. [Incentive Therapy] assignment, which eventually led to regular employment. I will always remember the good experience I had at 268, but especially the staff.Ē
Thank you, Jim OíToole

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